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Five Day Women's Personal Growth & Wellness Retreats

The 5-Day Retreat

In our "learn-by-doing" format—we focus on personal growth, healthy food, and tools for wellness. You will come away with a number of "light bulb moments" that can help alter your perspective and move you forward through your turning point to achieving your goals. Ultimately you will gain tools for thinking, feeling, and living a healthier, happier life.

  • Identify and strengthen your authentic self
  • Develop self care skills to improve health through changed eating and preventative health strategies
  • Gain powerful insights about how you show up through working with horses
  • Develop more satisfying relationships with your partner, kids, family, friends, coworkers
  • Build self confidence
  • Improve your sense of self worth.
    The other 3 retreat dates are: July 24-29, Aug 14-19, Sept 18-23

For more information, go to Amy's retreat website here. If you are seriously considering one of our retreats, I'm happy to spend up to 30 minutes on the phone with you discussing whether or not this might be a good fit for you. Consider it a free coaching call to discuss your goals.