Perhaps you already know how tasty and healthy Dave's certified organic produce is, but did you know about his CSA program?

  • You decide how much you want to spend.
    Typically, $300 is enough for two people for the 12 weeks of the summer

  • You get to shop whenever the farm stand is open, which is 7 days per week. No one day pickups.
    We'll have a notebook for CSA members where you can mark down how much you've spent. We'll deduct it from your total paid.

  • Convenient location right on Route 100 next to the 1824 House Inn.

  • You get to decide what you want instead of having it choosen for you.
    You won't get vegetables that you don't like or don't know what to do with, just what you choose.

  • The original intent of the CSA model for farmers was to provide early season support before the income started to come in from the sale of the produce, meat, or whatever the farm was selling.
    These days at our farm, it serves as more of a convenience for frequent shoppers that don’t want to carry cash when they shop at our farm stand.

Ready to sign up? Call or text Dave at (802) 279-8054, or send us an email.